“Tribal Gathering of the Pack” August 2014

this gathering is exclusively for Members of the Tribe only, means to participate you have to be already a “Dog”, “Candidate DB”, or full “Dog Brother”.
we will be among us -  means no audience.

Thursday 14. August, RCSF workshop (15.00 – 18.00)
Friday 15. August, 1st day of fighting (this is for all those, who would like to fight 2 days)
Saturday 16. August, 2nd day of fighting

in summer easiest and best way for accommodation is the campsite in Bern:

see you in summer, wuff !   Benjamin “Lonely Dog”

Registered Fighters:

Ary “Unidentified Bitch”
Benjamin “Lonely Dog”
Daniel “Hidden Dog”
Filippo “Vegan Dog”
Ivan “Kuma Dog”
Kai “WoodsDog”
Kostas “Spartan Dog”
Peter “Grumpy Dog”
Thomas “Gong Fu Dog”
Thorsten “Lena Dog”

Denis “C-Om Dog”
Lars “C- Hungry Dog”
Michele “C-Ogre Dog”
Nils “C-Angry Dog”
Ole “C-Time Dog”
Shanu “C-Silver Dog”

“Bitch” Marieke Wandel
“Dog” Alexander
“Dog” David Abel
“Dog” Evgeny Vasilyev
“Dog” Manuel Frank
“Dog” Maximilian
“Dog” Olaf Knof
“Dog” Thomas Greber
“Dog” Yann Pottier





Open Euro “DB Gathering of the Pack” March 2015

This will be our 10th “Gathering of the Pack” in Europe… so we have something to celebrate ;-) !!
We can be excited to have again an awesome event with fighters all over Europe and further afar.


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Christoph-Oliver Amenda