The Beasting is an initiation tradition taken from the UK training groups which has been adopted and evolved by the Euro clans. The initiate has to fight continuously for multiple rounds, every minute facing a fresh fighter (aka ‘a Beast’). It is however about more than just that.

The ‘Beast line’ should be composed of seasoned and experienced fighters, any one of which potentially has the capacity to end the initiate’s day. A Beasting is NOT a fight. Members of the Beast Line should understand that the day is not about them, it is about the initiate. They are there for him/her, not their own ego.

The purpose is to push rather than break, after 4 or 5 minutes the initiate is usually exhausted and battered. At this point it’s all about balls/ovaries and determination.

You don’t go into a Beasting to win, but to survive.

‘Survivor Wall’
2006 Scotty Dog
2006 Point Dog
2007 Celtic Dog
2007 Psycho Bitch
2010 Ghost Dog
2010 Bumpy Dog
2010 ‘Dog’ David
2013 ‘Bitch’ Bettina
2013 Fraggle Dog
2013 WoodsDog
2013 Lonely Dog
2014 Kuma Dog
2016 Angry Dog
2016 Grumpy Dog
2016 Sniper Dog
2016 Krypto Dog
2018 Hobbit Dog
2018 Unidentified Bitch
2018 Techno Dog
2018 Vegan Dog
2019 Rum Dog
2023 Polite Dog