The reason to accept the dangers of “Real Contact Stick Fighting” originates from the desire to develop not just as fighters but as human beings. RCSF has an enormous effect on the person involved. Stick fighting is a dangerous and adrenaline intensive experience, therefore it is critical to be internally centered during a fight. This is explained in our Credo:

The greater the dichotomy, the profounder the transformation. Higher consciousness through harder contact. “Equal to the measure in which you go to the aggressive state, in equal measure you must activate your watcher.” Crafty Dog

Dog Brothers have the codex during the fight that:
One should be friends at the end of a fight.
Nobody should spend the night in the hospital.
Everyone should go home with the IQ they came with.

This means that we never hit, if the opponent is in a hopeless situation and can no longer defend himself. Also, we adapt our fight to the level of the opponent. It is absolutely not in our best interest to break the fighting spirit of anybody. However, it is also a sign of respect to our opponent when we try to hit him as hard as possible because this shows we believe in his abilities as a fighter. If we do not test them to their limit they will never know if their technique works or not. If however, we test him to hard, we risk breaking his fighting spirit and he will then never become a better fighter. The goal of a “pack” must be to carefully build up its members and thereby to strengthen itself.