Personal Workshop Program
The PWP allow Lonely Dog to focus on the individual and offers you the advantage of training being adapted to your needs. Moreover it gives you a higher learning effect compared to regular courses or seminars.

this is what you can expect:
• comprehensive training in stick fighting
• a systematic learning of the curriculum
• individual coaching (since small groups)
• supporting teaching material (handout and videos)
• personal building block teaching (pick up where you left at the next workshop)

this workshop program are aimed at people who:
• want to learn a stick fighting system from scratch
• want to become a complete and competent fighter
• would like to start their own training group

PWP are provided as 3-day workshops, and are offered several times a year in Bern/Switzerland. If you need more information please contact:

next PWP’s
9-10-11 August 2024
1-2-3 November 2024
8-9-10 November 2024

7-8-9 February 2025
7-8-9 March 2025
11-12-13 April 2025