Although Lonely Dog is well versed in all 3 areas of DBMA, he has always focused on Real Contact Stick Fighting and has developed his own expression, not only as fighter, but also as a teacher. His style of teaching and his interpretation of RCSF have manifested in a way that, though visibly DBMA, has become a style in its own right. As such, he currently teaches mainly his interpretation of Stick Fighting. “Lonely’s RCSF” wants to be seen as an open minded, pragmatic and undogmatic Martial Arts system.

The RCSF curriculum has a plain ranking system of 4 colour Dog Tags.

Yellow Tag – “solid foundation”
– good basics and fundamentals
– solid defence
– emphasis on footwork & range control
– capable to show the techniques in conceptional sparring

Blue Tag – “fundamentals & broad knowledge”
– very solid fundamentals
– proficient in the footwork progression
– solid defence & great offence
– wide array of technical knowledge
– capable to show the techniques in sparring

Red Tag – “well versed martial artist & skilled fighter”
Movement and momentum is key tenor of the red level, emphasis is in developing a great offence. You begin to combine your actions. Red is a sign of danger, and the red level practitioner should be very dangerous with their knowledge and abilities. This is the stage where you move sophisticated and you discover how to manipulate your opponent to their disadvantage. You start to look at everything with a fresh set of eyes. You can take the most basic movement that you already have practised thousands of times and realize that you are still able to refine it. The red level seeks for new, more profound knowledge of the Art. By now you have perceived your own style.

Black Tag – “achieving mastery while staying curious”
The colour black is created when all the colours of the light spectrum have been absorbed into an object. That object has taken control of the colours and retained them. If one colour was to escape, the object would no longer be black but would appear as that colour. You have absorbed all the knowledge of the colour ranks, means you have truly mastered the art. Your understanding of weapon fighting is deep and precise. You should have full control over your body, your movements and your ego. You are in love with the learning process.  As often lower ranks are looking for a destination, you understand that there is no destination – the journey never ends. The black level knows that everybody needs to return to be a white belt and consistently learn new things. Improvement means change, change means to learn, and to learn means to be a white belt all over again.

Yellow Tag
Dennis Müller
Markus “Berserker Dog”

Blue Tag
Andy “Lap Dog”
Bebbo “Nuragic Dog”
“Bitch” Bettina
Caine “Energizer Dog”
Christoph “Techno Dog”
Chris “C-Bumpy Dog”
“Dog” Dawid
Fabi “Fairy Dog”
Joan “Atura Dog”
Jonny “Rum Dog”
Julien “Asterix Dog”
Kristo Aaltonen
“Dog” Lucas
“Dog” Marco
Marlene “Dizzy Bitch”
Massinissa “C-Wolfy Dog”
Max “Foxy Dog”
Nils “Angry Dog”
Nina “Skjaldmær Cat”
Olaf “C-Nobodys Dog”
Peter “Grumpy Dog”
Shanu “Silver Dog”
Timo “C-Schrodinger’s Dog”

Red Tag
Arianna “Unidentified Bitch”
Benjamin “the Shredder Dog”
Evgeny “Laika Dog”
Gerry “Celtic Dog”
Janno “Sceptical Dog”
Jerome “Frisbee Dog”
Kostas “Spartan Dog”
Lynn “Psycho Bitch”
Manuel “Snare Dog”
“Dog” Matt
Ole “Time Dog”
Ste “Hobbit Dog”
Tinu “3D Dog”

Black Tag
Colin “Point Dog”
Daniel “Hidden Dog”
Denis “Om Dog”
Detlef “Sinatra Dog”
Filippo “Vegan Dog”
“Fraggle Dog”
Graeme “Scotty Dog”
Heiko “Crossover Dog”
Ivan “Kuma Dog”
Kai “WoodsDog”
Pascal “French Cop Dog”
Sebastian “Mime Dog”
Stefan  “Cro Dog”
Thorsten “Lena Dog”