16/17 March 2024 – DB Gathering – Leipzig/Germany

10h-12h, Full DB Gathering, 8 Weapons Gym, Ritterstrasse 23
15h-18h, Tribal Gathering, Location to be announced…

9h30-14h, Open Gathering, Location to be announced…

Costs: 20 Euro

Gathering application:
Please note that you MUST register to fight! For more informations contact:

Registered Fighters:
Chris “Bumpy Dog”
Christoph “Techno Dog”
Colin “Point Dog”
Detlef “Sinatra Dog”
Ivan “Kuma Dog”
Kostas “Quixote Dog”
Manuel “Snare Dog”
Mario “Noisy Dog”
Maximilian “Empty Dog”
Peter “Polite Dog”
Thilo “C-Eidetic Dog”
“Dog” Claire
“Dog” Dawid
“Dog” Florian
“Dog” Hübi
“Dog” Ian
“Dog” Luca
“Dog” Lucas
“Dog” Michael
“Dog” Samuel
“Dog” Socke
Amelie Stich
Andrea Lovazzano
Anthony Mariani
Antti Mustaniemi
Christof Hauck
David Oliva
Dennis Müller
Edzard Klaar
Elisabeth Handel
Eneko Diez
Gauri Hasabnis
Henrik Crantz
Itziar Iriarte
Josselin Fernandez
Kristo Aaltonen
Michael Joseph Bonett
Michele Rizzo
Philipp Pump
Robert Berta
Sara Höfliger
Steffen Bartsch
Susanna Sorvali
Vagelis Stathopoulos

Gathering fighting-gear guideline:
– Gloves, roll-hokey, street-hokey, or less
– Cup, your choice, but recommand
– Mask, regular fencing mask (no extra padding)
– Elbow/knee: no padding, neoprene sleeves might be ok
– Shoes, no heavy ones (they shouldn’t be a weapon)
– Clothes, no thick ones (no sweater, etc.)

What’s a Tribal Gg?
At the tribal Gathering are approved just members of the tribe (“Dog”, “Candidates” and “Full DB”), furthermore there is no audience, fighters that fight at the open on sunday might watch.

What is the Full Dog Bro Gg?
The past has shown that quite a few older Dog Brothers disappear from Gatherings when the need to step back from RCSF is come for them. Usually they still show up awhile after retirement just to watch, but since that is not the same they stay away… this is sad and the younger fighters could still benefit from their presence. Therefore we would like to begin with a new custom. before the actual gathering we do an only Full Dog Bro Gathering, in which we play, spar and discuss just among us Full DB’s. This might be just your warm up for the gathering or your platform to still have fun after retirement.