13/14 July 2024 – DB Gathering – Bern/Switzerland

Sporthalle Wankdorf, Papiermühlestrasse 91, 3014 Bern

11h-13h Full DB Meeting
14h-18h Open Gathering

11h-15h Tribal Gathering

Registered Fighters
Andy “Lap Dog”
Bebbo “Nuragic Dog”
Francesco “Sharingan Dog”
Graeme “Scotty Dog”
Ivan “Kuma Dog”
Janno “Sceptical Dog”
Jörg “Katana Dog”
Kai “WoodsDog”
Manuel “Snare Dog”
Peter “Polite Dog”
Ste “Hobbit Dog”
Thilo “Eidetic Dog”
Lucas “Candidate DB”
Samuel “Candidate DB”
“Dog” Connor
“Dog” Dennis
“Dog” Florian
“Dog” Hübi
“Dog” Ian
“Dog” Josselin
“Dog” Luca
“Dog” Michael
“Dog” Nathan
“Dog” Sara
“Dog” Socke
“Cat” Susanna
Anthony Mariani
Arizona Brodie
Armin Mühl
Christian Koch
David Oliva
Elisabeth Handel
Eneko Diez
Gary Berger
Guillermo Saccarello
Isabella Comite
Itziar Iriarte
Julian Emini
Karl Shoesmith
Merlinde Friese
Michele Rizzo
Nicolás Wachsmann
Oisín Ó Doinn
Séverin B.
Shaun Tyson

What’s a Tribal Gg?
At the tribal Gathering are approved just members of the tribe (“Dog”, “Candidates” and “Full DB”), furthermore there is no audience.

Gathering fighting-gear guideline:
– Gloves, roll-hokey, street-hokey, or less
– Cup, your choice, but recommand
– Mask, regular fencing mask (no extra padding)
– Elbow/knee: no padding, neoprene sleeves might be ok
– Shoes, no heavy ones (they shouldn’t be a weapon)
– Clothes, no thick ones (no sweater, etc.)