Gathering 2021

finally we had again a Euro Gathering of the pack. Of course we did everything to keep the event safe (fighters were vaccinated or tested, furthermore we fought outdoors).

One more time it was a fantastic gathering. Hardly you could see the lack of training most fighters had cos the pandemic. We had 34 fighters coming from 6 countries – Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and Switzerland.

A lot of great fights, i struggle to recollect particulars and wouldn’t like to leave somebody out… however you might expect a great Gg highlight clip in the near future.

Proudly announcing new admissions / ascensions:
with a big welcome the new additions to the tribe:
“Dog” Dawid Niedojadlo
“Dog” Jana Oberländer
“Dog” Nils Weiligmann
“Dog” Thilo Martens

new full Dog Brothers are:
Joan “Atura Dog”
Nils “Angry Dog”
Oli “Rubbish Dog”

“Lonely Dog”