The long-awaited, much-anticipated clip from the Euro Gathering of the Pack (Hanover/Germany, april 2017) is eventually completed. Actually it was too much material to do one highlight clip… so i made 6 clips!!!

#1  Single Stick fights
#2  Buckler and Stick
#3  Bitch fights
#4  Ground n Pound / Grappling
#5  Double Stick
#6  Staff




Report from the Euro Gathering of the Pack, Bern/Switzerland, August 2017

this was again an outstanding gathering! we had 36 fighters coming from 8 countries – France, Germany, Italy,  Portugal, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland.
plenty of brilliant fights done with skill, heart, balls and excellent spirit. WOOF!

proudly announcing the new ascensions/admissions to the tribe,

new full Dog Brothers are:
Caine “Energizer Dog” Vahlé
Martin “Hog Dog” Göbel

new candidate DB’s are:
Fabian “c- tnl Dog” C
Benjamin “c- the Shredder Dog” Schille
Massinissa “c- Wolfy Dog” Belkaid

and with a big welcome the new additions to the tribe:
“Dog” Francesco Mostallino
“Dog” G. Maximilian Knauer
“Dog” Gorazd Demič
“Dog” Joan Cornudella
“Bitch” Marlene G
“Cat” Nina Thiem

Benjamin “Lonely Dog”