DB Euro Gathering 2018

we had 57 fighters coming from 12 countries – Belgium, Cyprus, England, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland and USA. what a fantastic gathering weekend full of great fights and ❤️🧠🎱, woooof!!
proudly announcing new ascensions and admissions of the tribe,
new full Dog Brothers are:
Bebbo “Nuragic Dog”
Stephen “Hobbit Dog”
new Candidate DB’s are:
Andy “C-Lap Dog”
Matthew “C-Cimmerian Dog”
Peter “C- (tbd) Dog”
Yann “C- (tbd) Dog”
and with a big welcome the new additions to the tribe:
“Bitch” Berit H
“Bitch” Eva S
“Dog” Janek H
“Dog” Jay W
“Dog” Jörg S
“Dog” Lukas M
“Dog” Marco C
“Dog” Mark S
“Dog” Pedro M
“Dog” Sergio M




Euro Gathering (Switzerland, 2017) Highlight Clips:
#1  Stick fights
#2  Stickgrappling / Ground n Pound



Euro Gathering (Germany, 2017) Highlight Clips:
#1  Single Stick fights
#2  Buckler and Stick
#3  Bitch fights
#4  Ground n Pound / Grappling
#5  Double Stick
#6  Staff