we were asked frequently about the euro gathering dates for 2018:
 –   5. August, Euro Gathering in Bern/Switzerland
 –   Winter 2018/2019, Tribal Gathering (most likely in Germany)
 –   Attention!  there will be no Euro Gathering in April

DB Euro Gathering Weekend 2018
Friday 3. August – Workshop
Saturday 4. August – S-day, Seminar,
Sunday 5. August – Gathering
Location: Bern, Switzerland

we are zealous to have the Euro Gathering back in summer. There is the chance to do some training/fighting outdoors. Moreover the fighters have the possibility to stay all together at our local campsite. Since the campsite is by the river ‘Aare’ you have the opportunity to go for a memorable swim.


long-awaited, much-anticipated clip from the Euro Gathering (Germany, April 2017) is eventually completed. Actually it was too much material to do one highlight clip… so we made 6 clips!!!
#1  Single Stick fights
#2  Buckler and Stick
#3  Bitch fights
#4  Ground n Pound / Grappling
#5  Double Stick
#6  Staff


Report from the Euro Gathering of the Pack, Switzerland, August 2017

this was again an outstanding gathering! we had 36 fighters coming from 8 countries – France, Germany, Italy,  Portugal, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland. plenty of brilliant fights done with skill, heart, balls and excellent spirit. WOOF!

proudly announcing the new ascensions/admissions to the tribe
new full Dog Brothers are:
Caine “Energizer Dog” Vahlé
Martin “Hog Dog” Göbel
new candidate DB’s are:
Fabian “c- tnl Dog” C
Benjamin “c- the Shredder Dog” Schille
Massinissa “c- Wolfy Dog” Belkaid
and with a big welcome the new additions to the tribe:
“Dog” Francesco Mostallino
“Dog” G. Maximilian Knauer
“Dog” Gorazd Demič
“Dog” Joan Cornudella
“Bitch” Marlene G
“Cat” Nina Thiem

Benjamin “Lonely Dog”