The Beasting is an initiation tradition taken from the UK training groups which has been adopted and evolved by the Euro clans.

At the core of a Beasting, the initiate fights continuously for a number of rounds facing a fresh opponent (aka ‘a Beast’) and different weapons each minute. It is however about more than just that.

The Beasting is not about fighting; it is about being pushed to where you think your limit is, then a little bit further. Usually, by the 4th or 5th round, the initiate is not fighting, but surviving…

Wall of Beast Survivors

2002 Ste (Hobbit Dog)
2004 Graeme (Scotty Dog)
2006 Colin (Point Dog)
2007 “Celtic Dog”
2007 “Psycho Bitch”
2008 “Ghost Dog”
2010 “Dog” Chris
2010 “Dog” Dave
2013 “Bitch” Bettina
2013 “Fraggle Dog”
2013 “Lonely Dog”
2013 “Point Dog”
2013 “WoodsDog”
2014 “Kuma Dog”
2016 “C-Angry Dog”
2016 “Grumpy Dog”
2016 “Krypto Dog”
2016 “Sniper Dog”
2017 “Techno Dog”
2017 “Unidentified Bitch”
2017 “Vegan Dog”
2018 “Scotty Dog”
2018 “C-Rum Dog”
2018 “Hobbit Dog”


YouTube Beasting Playlist


Though the Beasting started as a purely Euro DMBA tradition, we have decided to open it to all involved in Real Contact Stick Fighting. The Beasting “Authority” in Europe is currently made up of “Lonely Dog” and the UK Clan heads. Nominations for a Beasting can be made to any member of the Authority.

As the tradition evolved, the following criteria were developed in Europe which define the necessary aspects of a Beasting. For the initiate to be recognised on the Euro Tribe’s “Survivor Wall” and to be “patched” by the Euro Authority the criteria below must be fulfilled. As the tradition spreads to different parts of the world, we understand that clans and training groups may wish to evolve it to suit their clans/training groups better, and in doing so develop their own criteria and traditions.

●  Anyone wishing to undergo a Beasting must be nominated by an existing patched Survivor.

●  Nominations can and will be refused. A Beasting is an honour that should only happen if the initiate wishes to take part for the right reasons and they are at an appropriate part of their journey.

●  The initiate must approach a patched Survivor and request to be nominated. No one should ever be pressed into a Beasting.

●  There must be a minimum of 2 patched Survivors present at the Beasting.

●  The Beast line must be made up of seasoned and experienced fighters, any one of which potentially has the capacity to end the initiate’s day.

●  The members of the Beast Line should be approved in advance.  The line should be organised by the patched Survivor who nominated the initiate.

●  A Beasting is NOT a fight. Members of the Beast Line should understand that the day is not about them, it is about the initiate. They are there for him/her, not their own ego.

●  The initiate should be the focus of the day; for this reason Beastings should not happen at Gatherings (where the DB tribe is the focus). Sparring days, camps and after seminars are preferable.

●  Gender does not matter, mixed gender lines are preferable.

●  The host can also nominate a patched Survivor, FDB or DBMA group leader to coordinate the line. They are an outside observer whose role is to make sure that the line has any weapons ready in advance and the next Beast is ready to go.

●  The coordinator may also point out if the initiate is hurt or not defending themselves and advise the line accordingly. “Avoid hand shots”, “work their legs”, “take them down and work the body” etc. This is optional, but can help to stop the initiate’s day ending too early.

●  There is no minimum number of rounds; the Beasting continues until the line decides the initiate has been pushed to their limit. If the initiate cannot continue or chooses not to continue to the next round at any point, they have not completed the Beasting.

●  Rounds last one minute or until the Beast or initiate taps.

●  The initiate must be pushed from the start of the round, there is no “feeling out” time

●  There is no rest between rounds.

●  There must be a variety of Real Contact Stick Fighting weapons (aluminium is not permitted with the exception of stick and dagger).