Hosting a seminar with “Lonely Dog”

The costs of hosting a seminar:
•  1 day seminar 900 CHF/EUR – plus travel costs & accommodation.
For further details contact:


Next Seminars & Events in Europe:

21. October 2018
Seminar with Lonely Dog
Location: Rome, Italy
Contact: Roberto Castagnini,


10. November 2018
Seminar with Lonely Dog
Location: Bremen, Germany
Contact: Olaf “C-Nobodys Dog” Knof,


9. March 2019
Euro Tribal Gathering
Location: Leipzig, Germany


16. / 17. March 2019
WWW 2019 – FMA gathering
with: with Lonely Dog, Udo Müller, Dieter Knüttel, Emanuel Hart, Amaury Eber, Marcus Ruddies, Timm Blaschke, Lars Helms, John Franhuisen, and René Zeller
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
Contact: Sanja Zeller,