Private Lessons

A Private Lessons allow “Lonely Dog” to really focus on the particular individual in front of him, whether he is a beginner or advanced. Private lessons gives you the advantage of the training being adapted to your needs and capability as well as a higher learning impact you can’t achieve in regular training or through seminars. The cost is SFr. 90.- per hour.

PTP  (Personal Training Program)
Personal Training Program is the opportunity to train privately with “Lonely Dog” for 1,2, or 3 days (approx. 4 hours a day), and gives people living far away the possibility to learn and progress in DBMA. Normally a PTP takes place at the “Lonely’s Den” in Bern / Switzerland.

The costs:
for 1 day PTP  300.-
for 2 days PTP  500.-
for 3 days PTP  650.-

A good idea is if you bring a training partner with you, so you can splitt the costs and often it’s easier when there is another person who can also remember the techniques.

If you need any information about accommodation or other things please contact Benjamin “Lonely Dog”,