Hosting a seminar with “Lonely Dog”

The costs of hosting a seminar:
- 1 day seminar SFr. 750.-  plus travel costs & accommodation.
- Weekend seminar SFr. 1’000.-  plus travel costs & accommodation.
For further details contact:


Next Seminars & Events in Europe:

March 21, 2015
Euro Gathering of the Pack
March 22, 2015
DBMA Seminar
with Guro “Crafty Dog”
Location: Bern, Switzerland
Contact: Benjamin,

April 11 + 12, 2015
Weapons World Wide IV 2015
with “Lonely Dog”, “Gong Fu Dog”, Ralf Kussler, Frank Büchner, Christof Fröhlich, Tobias Ricker, Timm Blaschke, Rene Zeller, and “Master Ken”
Location: Schaafheim, Germany
Contact: Werner,

April 18 + 19, 2015
Seminar with “Lonely Dog”
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Contact: Nils,

June 13 + 14, 2015
Seminar with “Lonely Dog”
Location: Hannover, Germany
Contact: Heiko,

July 22 – 26, 2015
DB Training Camp  (Loreley Summer Camp)
July 26, 2015
Euro Tribal Gathering of the Pack
Location: Loreley, Germany
Contact: Benjamin,