The Pack

This site here is principally for the Euro portion of the Dog Brothers Tribe.
The definitive site of record for the Dog Brothers Tribe can be found at:
Lonely Dog

The Founders

from left to right: Arlan “Salty Dog”, Eric “Top Dog”, Marc “Crafty Dog”

The Council of Elders

Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny  (the Guiding Force of the Dog Brothers)
Benjamin “Lonely Dog” Rittiner
Mike “Dogzilla” Tibbitts
Philip “Sled Dog” Gelinas

Dog Brothers

Abu “Desert Dog” Dayyeh
Benjamin “Thunder Dog” Schlieper
Colin “Point Dog” Stewart
Chris “Rogue Dog” Smith
Daniel “Hidden Dog” Budar  (alias, “Dog in sheep’s clothing”)
Denis “Om Dog” Kachelmus  (alias, Dog)
Detlef “Sinatra Dog” Thiem
Ericson “Lapu-Lapu Dog” Hölzchen
Filippo “Vegan Dog” Pani
Gerry “Celtic Dog” Casey
Graeme “Scotty Dog” Higgins
Heiko “Crossover Dog” Zauske
Ivan “Kuma Dog” Reboli
Jerome “Frisbee Dog” Challon
Kai “Suicide Dog” Schilling
Kai “WoodsDog” Spintig
Kostas “Spartan Dog” Tountas
Lars “Hungry Dog” Christie
Marcus “Giri Dog” Schillinger
Marlon “Red Dog” Hoess-Boettger
Oli “Ghost Dog” Schaer
Peter “Grumpy Dog” Fray
Sebastian “Mime Dog” Ehlen
Shanu “Silver Dog” Singh
Sigi “Dragon Dog” Fischer
“Spider Dog”
Stefan “Diligent Dog” Ramsauer
Stefan “Cro Dog” Kostanjevec
Tinu “3D Dog” Blatter
Thomas “Gong Fu Dog” Holtmann
Thomas “Sword Dog” Rickert
Thorsten “Lena Dog” Picker
Tomek “Tank Dog” Jurkiewicz
Torben “Old Dog” Lorenian

Candidate Dog Brothers

Alex “C- (to be named later)”
Andraz “C-DogMa” Bole
Andreas “C-Flexi Dog” Hommel
Christian “C-Lefty Dog” Eckert
Dominic “C-Sleazy Dog” Ischer
Evgeny “C-Laika Dog” Vasilyev
Fabian “C-Kokoro Dog” Tillmanns
Ivan “C-Hammer Dog” Pirozhkov
Janno “C-Sceptical Dog”
Manfred “C-Cop Dog” Schilka
Manuel “C- Copper Dog” Clemens
Manuel ”C- (to be named later)” Frank
Markus “C-Krypto Dog”
Martin “C-Hog Dog” Göbel
Michele “C-Shreky Dog” Gemini
Nils “C-Angry Dog”
Olaf “C-Nobodys Dog” Knof
Ole “C-Time Dog” Leinz
Pascal “C-French Cop Dog” Gilles
Riccardo “C-Full Metal Dog” Bassani
Roberto “C-Staffy Dog” Cereda
Rodolfo “C-Fraggle Dog” Manzano Diaz
Timo “C-Schrodinger’s Dog” Planke
Timo “C-Bane Dog” König


“Dog” Axel Datschun
“Dog” Benjamin Salvisberg
“Dog” Branco Bersa
“Dog” Chris Hawker
“Dog” Damian Dziengo
“Dog” David Abel
“Dog” David Lowndes
“Dog” Davide Musi
“Dog” Dionysios Bastas
“Dog” Federico Corriente
“Dog” Florian Sitte
“Dog” Gabriele Cortonesi
“Dog” James Macdonald
“Dog” Jengis Khan
“Dog” Jiri Söderblom
“Dog” Kai Schwahn
“Dog” Kostadin Zlatkov
“Dog” Ludo Bachy
“Dog” Martin Helm
“Dog” Matt Tucker
“Dog” Maxime Groussat
“Dog” Maximilian Schreiner
“Dog” Michael Brinkmann
“Dog” Miguel Lopez
“Dog” Odin
“Dog” Oliver Zaum
“Dog” Pawel Imiela
“Dog” Ray Wilson
“Dog” Sanel Ukic
“Dog” Simon Hehl
“Dog” Simon Godsland
“Dog” Stephen Ormerod
“Dog” Thomas Britschgi
“Dog” Thomas Greber
“Dog” Vitaliano Sestito
“Dog” Wieslaw Hapke
“Dog” Yann Pottier

Bitches / Cat Sisters

Arianna “Unidentified Bitch” Accorte
Linda “Black Cat”
Lynn “Psycho Bitch” Brown

“Bitch” Bettina Forster
“Bitch” Christine Martell
“Cat” Christine Richter
“Cat” Heather Kerr
“Bitch” Marieke Wandel
“Bitch” Pia-Maria Müller



a frequently asked question is…

What does it take to become a Dog Brother?

Although many of the Dog Brothers have come out of DBMA, this is NOT necessary in order to become a Dog Brother. If you wish to become a Dog Brother, fight at some of the Gatherings, let the Brothers get to know you, and find someone in the group to present your name to one of the “Council of Elders” and he will take it from there.

The first level is “Dog” one is accepted into the tribe. To be eligible one need to fight at a minimum of 2 Gatherings (it might need more).

To be eligible for (full) “Dog Brother” it requires a minimum of 5 Gatherings. We expect from a Dog Brother that he shows a continuity in his fighting. Represents a personal and advanced fighting style. It is about the fact that he (we) has perceived his potential and represents completely the Dog Brother spirit (philosophy).